Experience the Use of Integrated Township by Assetz Group New Launch

The thought of having to commute in traffic jams in Bangalore horrified us all. With rapid expansion and unplanned urban planning, the city faces several problems, including congested traffic, reduced green space, and inefficient use of land resources. Given the frustrations faced by residents of Bangalore, we at Assetz investigated different urban planning models in India to see if they could help us find a solution.

Experts at Assetz have identified mixed-use development to be the most comprehensive approach to town planning, which served as the foundation built behind our new launch project – Assetz Soho & Sky. Multiple mixed-use development have sprung over the years in multiple cities/Location. Integrated Township has the ability to offer a high quality Luxury life, a sound socio-civic infrastructure, and a comprehensive approach to community living in India – all in close proximity.

What is mixed-use development?
Mixed-use Integrated Township is a type of urban design that combines and integrates various structures with different purposes. The mixed-use development concept is a type of “modern building” that combines residential, commercial, office, medical and leisure element in an enclosed space. It provides a sophisticated area in which both commercial and residential activities can coexist.

Simply put, mixed-use society enable pedestrian-centric, three-dimensional ambiance that integrate compatible land uses, shared spaces, and utilities at varying scales and intensities. This diversity means the resident can live, work, play and shop in her one place – find house for rent concept.

What are some of the advantages of mixed-use towers?
One of the drawbacks of stand-alone structures is the limited scope for integrating sustainable practices into everyday life. When mixed-use buildings become a reality, people will have more space and the opportunity to build sustainable communities. Townships greatly reduce the distance between living quarters, retail stores and workplaces. This reduces commute times, encourages walking and cycling, and significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

Township at Assetz Soho & Sky also enable easy fix of water and sanitation recycling, green ambiance parks, open civic space, and tree-lined streets to improve lifestyles by creating a healthier environment.

2. A step convenient to a more luxury lifestyle
A pedestrian-friendly atmosphere with mixed-use development promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Lack of walking infrastructure can affect residents’ quality of life and increase the risk of health problems. According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, an adult who lived in a walkable area had a higher 10-year predicted risk of cardiovascular disease, systolic blood pressure and more likely to develop diabetes.

Assetz New Launch Soho and Sky Townships have dedicated jogging tracks, bike lanes, basketball and badminton courts, with multiple green parks and open spaces to enjoy your favorite physical activity.

Integrated township buildings foster a sense of community and offers variety of recreational activities to keep residents happy, social, and productive.

3. An excellent investment opportunity
Given its proximity to numerous state of art amenities, mixed-use community living are in high demand by both residential and commercial crowds. Businesses can be benefitted from a densely populated area with high levels of foot traffic. Other tenants may be able to live close to their workplaces and other important facilities.

These considerations allow homeowners to justify higher rental rates if their home is located in a location with many advantages and people with their livelihood can identify flats to rent near me at very convenience with green spaces, retail stores, and recreational facilities enhance a property’s valuation and indicate its status as a good investment.

These are at the least benefits of community in nation with a mixed-use development product. Urban planning in India can greatly benefit from projects like Assetz Soho & Sky. The project aims to make life easier for Bangalore residents by bringing together all the necessary amenities in one space. Easy access means less travel time, more efficient day management, and a lower carbon footprint. Mixed-use developments are really there to make life easier.