Yesterday Luxury has Become Now a Necessities

You don’t simply buy a home; you buy a whole lifestyle, an improved way of living, an extension to your personality.

Preferences and aspirations has remained the same, yet perceptions to look at real estate has changed hence We have leveled up the way we look at requirements now thus, enriching our life according to our expectations. The biggest change in recent years is that what we once called luxury has become a necessity today. From modular kitchens to adding media/study rooms to multifamily nurseries, spas and clinics. Customization is key.

To meet the growing needs of buyers, developers must go beyond mere construction. Developers should strive to play a multi-faceted role in helping buyers achieve a high quality of life, taking into account trends and changing needs.

As the importance of compact living increases, so does the need for life upgradation such as modular kitchens, soundproof doors, and ceiling heights. it is not only luxurious but cost effective to buy a furnished house with superior fixtures and specifications. For smart homes, for example, they were previously known only as advanced security cameras and intelligent door locking systems. Today’s smart homes include motion sensing lighting systems, gas leak detection, burglar and fire alarm systems, energy monitoring systems and much more. Consumers want homes that not only look smart, but act smart. Especially in metropolitan areas, the demand for smart homes is growing significantly due to the increase in dual-income households. High-tech homes are more expensive, but are quickly seen as a must-have for prospective home buyers.

New trends are making the real estate industry more dynamic and challenging. Developers like Assetz have armed themselves to turn these challenges into opportunities..

Here’s a quick FAQ to help customers get that dream home

Keep in mind, home loan is always cheaper than personal loans. If a customer is granted a loan initially for buying an asset and then avails another loan separately for the interiors, then the person ends up spending 20% more than have spent had the person bought a furnished apartment. The small premium you have to pay over the property price to choose a completed home can be adjusted with your monthly EMI, but this doesn’t make much of a difference.