RTI Application Form in Hindi - Correct Format Revealed

RTI Application Form in Hindi - Correct Format Revealed

Under the Right to Information Act 2005, every citizen of India is now entitled to ask for information from any public authority. Although some public authorities such as intelligence agencies for instance, are exempted from the RTI, the other authorities are liable to submit any information if demanded by the citizens. Thus, if you wish to seek any information from a public authority, you can do so by submitting an RTI Application. To make it easy for Indians, it is possible to submit an RTI Application Form in Hindi as well as in other regional languages.

The RTI Application form is available online, you can also submit the form offline to your Public Information Officer. If you wish to know how to submit an RTI Application form in Hindi, follow the format below.

How to Submit an RTI Application Form in Hindi

To know the RTI Application format in English - Click Here

Follow the below mentioned format in order to write an RTI Application, attach the RTI Filing Fees with your application and submit the form to your PIO.

Format for RTI Application Form in Hindi

सूचना के अधिकार 2005 के तहत सूचना के लिए आवेदन का प्रारूप


सेवा में,
जन सूचना अधिकारी,
विभाग / कार्यालय

1- अभ्यर्थी का नाम:

2- पूरा पता एवं दूरभाष नं:

3- वांछित सूचना का उल्लेख:

4- अदा किये गये शुल्क का उल्लेख:

क) दस रुपये का शुल्क का भुगतान _______ रसीद द्वारा _______ के कार्यालय में किया गया। (प्रति संलग्न), अथवा
ख) दस रुपये का शुल्क का भुगतान _________ के द्वारा जारी किया गये, ड्राफ़्ट / पे ऑर्डर / पोस्टल ऑर्डर, संख्या ________, दिनांक _____, ______ के प्रति किया गया, अथवा
ग) मैं गरीबी रेखा से नीचे परिवार का सदस्य हूँ, (बी पी एल प्रमाण पत्र की प्रति संलग्न)।

5- यदि कोई स्व:प्रमाणित संलग्न दस्तावेज़ है तो उसका उल्लेख।

6- मैं एक भारतीय नागरिक हूँ। कृपया माँगी गयी जानकारी अतिशीघ्र उपलब्ध कराएं।

अभ्यर्थी के हस्ताक्षर

RTI Application Form in Hindi - Points to Remember

  • Some state governments have proper formats that need to be followed while filing an RTI, if you live in such a state, make sure to follow the format prescribed by your state government.
  • Pay the correct amount of fee and make sure you follow the proper mode of payment as prescribed in your state RTI rules. For central government, pay by postal order of Rs.10/- in favour of “Accounts officer ___________ [Always mention name of organization to which you are addressing application].
  • Send your RTI application with the attached fee by regd. or speed AD post.
  • Avoid submitting your RTI Application in person or through courier.
  • Never address your Public Information Officer by their personal name. Use their official designation of Public Information Officer.
A very important part of the application is properly framing your query:
Do not ask questions such as why, when, who, how etc. , remember you are dealing with government authorities here, you need to respect them.

For example, instead of asking “why is my application not attended so far?” ask “Please provide me reasons on record and certified copy of records containing reasons for delay in attending my said application” - Or something like : “कृपया मुझे सूची के अनुसार मेरे आवेदन के प्रति उत्तर मिलने मे विलंभ के कारण सूचित करें|”

We hope you are able to successfully submit your RTI Application form in Hindi and that your query is resolved as soon as possible.

In case you would want us to help out, you can apply in simple English and we will call you up to further understand your queries.

This call can be Hindi or English. From there on, we do the rest on your behalf.


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