RTI for Exams helps aspirants of SSC MTS exam: RTI Success Story

RTI for Exams helps aspirants of SSC MTS exam: RTI Success Story

Madhurima sat for SSC MTS conducted by Staff Selection Commission. Like many applicants, she worked very hard to get a good score and qualify for the next stage. She worked to improve her weak sections and continuously checked for any updates or notices from SSC.

After the exam results were declared, she was disappointed to see that she had failed to qualify for the next stage. She was upset as she had put in a lot of effort and badly wanted to qualify for the job.

What do you generally do when you fail in any exam? Nothing!

That's because students think they have no choice. But they do, you can file RTI for Exams and get information which is your right. Instead of doing nothing about the exam results and complaining about the exam, she decided to check her answer sheets.

She wanted to understand where she went wrong, and get answer to doubts in her mind like

Was any discrepancy in checking?
  • What were the cutoffs? and by how much did I miss them?
  • Which questions I struggled with?

This information would help her prepare better for the next attempt. Most important reason for seeing her marks was that she wanted to know exactly what went wrong and where she was weak.

Following a few google searches, Madhurima decided to file RTI for Exams and get certified copy of her answer sheet using SSC MTS RTI. OnlineRTI helped her make the entire application process simple. She filled an online form with the details of her exam and our RTI experts started working on her RTI.

We kept her informed of every progress made on her application and finally SSC MTS body replied to her RTI. She got the copies and could now judge how she did on the exam. Students can file RTI for Exams and many other related purposes - like for checking eligibility of their degree for any government vacancy, following up on status of scholarships, stipends, fees refunds from government institutions etc.

Students have used the Right to Information act to solve many of their problems. If you are a student who wishes to know more about the kinds of issues that are solved

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Empowering yourself with information is the best thing to do. File your Online RTI for Exams today!

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